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Shandong Avant New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known catalyst manufacturer, supplier and service provider in China.Avant established a number of production bases in Zibo, Qingdao, Liaoning, Ningbo, Ningxia,Gansu and other regions, which focus on the production,research and development of oil refining catalysts, chemical catalysts,coal chemical catalysts, polyolefin catalysts, catalytic and adsorption materials. VIEW MORE

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Synthesis Ammonia With the continuous growth of population, society has developed many methods to increase food production, including the development of high-yield modern varieties, the development of irrigation technology, mechanized farming, and the application of chemical fertilizers. Among them, the development of the chemical fertilizer industry has contributed an important force to the improvement of global food quality and production. . The fertilizer industry's demand for synthesis ammonia is also increasing sharply. Meamwhile, Shandong Avant can provide strong support for the production capacity increase of synthesis ammonia plants. From hydrogenation reaction, zinc oxide desulfurization reaction, pre-reforming reaction, primary reforming reaction, secondary reforming reaction, high-temperature shift reaction, low-temperature shift reaction, methanation reaction, methanol synthesis reaction to ammonia synthesis reaction, we can provide you with matching catalyst products, reasonable technical proposal, scientific loading solutions, and complete technical guidance.
Synthesis Ammonia

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Shandong Avant New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Its expertise in manufacturing, specialty research and development to create innovative engineered materials.
OUR PROJECTS Avant engineered materials can service a full range of solutions to manufactures for a variety of applications. VIEW MORE


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