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Artificial Marble

Ground Aluminum Hydroxide in artificial marble

Artificial marble can be divided into three types according to the quality and grade. The last type is marble added with calcium carbonate filler, because the finished product has very poor light sensitivity, and it cannot effectively prevent pollution. Add pure aluminum hydroxide Filler products have gloss, strong antifouling performance and good texture. The third one is between aluminum hydroxide filler and calcium carbonate filler. Although the product has mechanical properties, it cannot resist pollution and has a good texture.

The quality of artificial marble products is relatively high, and the specifications for adding aluminum hydroxide are very strict, because aluminum hydroxide is the main filling material in artificial marble. The addition amount should be more than 60%, and as a filler, the quality of aluminum hydroxide will directly affect the quality of artificial marble products.

The requirements of artificial marble for aluminum hydroxide are very important. When the amount is increased, the crystal structure is compact, the shape is spherical, and the fluidity is good. This reduces the cost factor of artificial marble. Therefore, the color, impurity content and crystalline form of aluminum hydroxide are the focus of marble quality.

Artificial Marble

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