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Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

Aluminum hydroxide for low smoke zero halogen cable

1. Aluminum hydroxide not only has a good flame retardant effect, but also greatly improves the fire and physical and chemical properties of cable fire retardant coatings, and reduces costs.

2. When aluminum hydroxide flame retardant is added, it has obvious smoke elimination effect on the cable fireproof coating, which can not only produce no thick smoke and poisonous gas when burning, but also have a good flame retardant and heat insulation effect.

3. Adopting the technical route of adding aluminum hydroxide flame retardant in the cable fireproof coating, so that when the cable fireproof coating is obtained, the coating expands and foams well and densely, forming a dense and uniform fireproof insulation layer for the cable. Provide effective fire protection. However, when the aluminum hydroxide flame retardant is added in an amount of 7%, the cable fireproof coating has both good fire resistance and good physical and chemical properties and clothing resistance.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable

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