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Aluminum Desiccant

In terms of industrial treatment, the use of activated alumina can achieve the function of water purification, which saves water resources to a large extent and realizes water reuse.

Activated alumina ball product is a white spherical substance. Activated alumina has great benefits for water purification treatment, and it can be a good defluorinating agent. Manufactured by a special process, because of its unique skeleton structure, it has a strong affinity with active components. The product has uniform micropore distribution, suitable pore size, large pore volume, high water absorption, small bulk density, good mechanical properties, and has good Stability, suitable for desiccant, catalyst carrier, defluorination agent, pressure swing adsorbent, hydrogen peroxide special regeneration agent, etc.

As activated alumina has a porous structure, high specific surface area and unstable transition state, it has greater activity. It is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier in petrochemical industry and fertilizer industry. Activated alumina has adsorption characteristics, so it is used as desiccant for gas and liquid, adsorbent for gas purification, drinking water defluorination agent, color and odor removal of industrial sewage. The main industrial activated alumina products available today are produced by rapid dehydration.

Activated alumina spheres have no secondary pollution to water for water purification. The purified water is safe to drink, and it can also be used as a household desiccant.

Aluminum Desiccant

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