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Activated Alumina Precious Metal Catalyst Carrier

Activated alumina precious metal catalyst carrier is a kind of catalyst support material which is able to effectively hold and distribute precious metal catalysts. Activated alumina is a highly porous form of Al2O3 that is commonly used as a catalyst carrier in various industrial applications. Due to its excellent surface area and adsorption properties,it is often loaded as a carrier material for precious metal catalysts. Platinum, palladium and rhodium as normal precious metals are highly effective catalysts for variety chemical processes, but very expensive too. In order to optimize their application and maximize their efficiency, they are often supported on carrier materials like activated alumina.

Product introduction 


1.It is Used as a catalyst, with roles as the catalyst itself, as well as an inert carrier, or substrate for other catalysts.

2.Activated alumina precious metal catalyst carrier can be widely used in the deep drying of petroleum cracking gas, ethylene propylene gas, hydrogen production, air separation plant, instrument air drying machine, fluoride treatment in hydrogen peroxide.

3.Activated alumina precious metal catalyst carrier is used for the hydrofining, hydrocracking, reforming prehydrogenation and benzene hydrogenation of distillate oil.

4.The activated alumina ball is filled on the top of the catalyst bed, and the olefins in the secondary processing raw oil can be preliminarily hydrogenated to reduce catalyst coking.

5.The use of activated alumina ball can not only effectively improve the space utilization of the reactor, but also protect the catalyst from poisoning and sintering to a certain extent, thus prolonging the service life.  

Activated Alumina Precious Metal Catalyst Carrier

Product Basic Info

Activated alumina precious metal catalyst carrier offers several advantages:

1. Activated alumina has a large internal surface area,which allows for greater contact between the catalysts and the processes,enhancing the catalytic efficiency.

2. It can promote good gas and liquid flow distribution, ensuring uniform contact between the catalysts and reactions,improving mass transfer and preventing channeling, reducing the efficiency of catalysts.

3. Activated alumina has a strong adsorption capacity, making it effective in removing impurities or contaminants from the reactant stream, improving the purity of the reactants and protecting the precious metal catalyst from poisoning.

4. High temperature, high pressure and high mechanical strength of inert ceramic ball

5. It can catalyze olefins saturation, desulfurization and denitrification processes.

Product Specification

Technical specifications:

Chemical Analysis

















Physical Properties

Bulk density




Surface area




Pore volume




Crushing strength

≥50 (2.5-3.8 mm)

≥60(2-4 mm)



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