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Are Ruthenium-Based Catalysts the Key to Revolutionizing Ammonia Synthesis?

Dec. 16, 2023


Embark on a journey of innovation as we explore the exceptional capabilities of Ruthenium-based ammonia synthesis catalysts. Meticulously designed and tailored to meet the discerning needs of the ammonia production industry, these catalysts represent a cutting-edge solution for enhanced performance.


Key Features:


Optimized Catalyst Preparation:

Discover the intricacies of preparing Ruthenium-based catalysts, from precursor selection to impregnation methods, and the crucial reduction treatment. Uncover the transformative process that turns these catalysts into high-performing active components.


Superior Performance at Low Conditions:

Explore the superior performance of Ruthenium-based catalysts at low temperatures and atmospheric pressures. Witness a remarkable surge of 10-20 times in activity compared to iron-based counterparts, showcasing resilience against water, CO, and CO₂.


Navigating High-Pressure Challenges:

Gain insights into the behavior of these catalysts under varying pressure conditions. Understand the nuances of their performance at both atmospheric and high-pressure scenarios, offering a comprehensive view for industry professionals.


Precursor Influence and Catalyst Performance:

Delve into the impact of precursor compounds, including RuCl, KRuO, Ru(acac), Ru(NO)(NO), and Ru(CO), on catalyst performance. Drawing from Aika et al.'s study, understand how the choice of precursor significantly influences ruthenium dispersion, revealing a hierarchy of effectiveness.


Catalyst Optimization Process:

Take a closer look at the optimized processes involved in catalyst preparation, including reduction at 600°C and defining activity under specific conditions. Uncover the post-reduction step involving washing with dilute ammonia solution, a crucial stage in catalyst refinement.


Strategic Advantage of Ru(CO):

Explore the strategic advantages of Ru(CO) as a commonly used precursor. From its low oxidation state promoting surface activation to its role in forming active centers, grasp why Ru(CO) is hailed as the ideal precursor for industrial production.



This article serves as your guide to unlocking the potential of Ruthenium-based catalysts, providing insights into their superior performance, optimized processes, and strategic advantages. Are you ready to elevate your approach to ammonia production with these cutting-edge catalysts?


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