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Production Process of Propylene

Aug. 10, 2022

Propylene is mainly used in the production of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, propylene oxide and other chemical products. 

Its representative production technology mainly includes three types: steam cracking method, catalytic cracking method and propane (butane) dehydrogenation method. 

According to relevant statistics, about 60% of propylene in the world currently comes from ethylene steam crackers, about 35% from refineries (mainly catalytic crackers), 

and about 5% from other processes such as propane dehydrogenation. 

Among them, the propylene produced by the catalytic cracking method accounts for more than 90% of the propylene produced by the refining enterprises. 

The largest source of propylene is 15% propylene by-product from ethylene plants, which provides about 70% of the petrochemical feedstock propylene.  

The second largest source of propylene is the fluidized catalytic cracking unit (FCCU), which provides about 28% of the demand for propylene. 

In addition, a small amount of propylene comes from propane dehydrogenation, which is limited to areas rich in light hydrocarbon resources and is difficult to achieve in my country. 

Realization. In the context of weak gasoline prices and growing propylene demand, for refineries, increasing refinery propylene yield is an effective way to improve refinery efficiency.

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