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Neutralization preparation method of calcined alumina

Aug. 09, 2022

Calcined alumina has the characteristics of insulation and heat resistance, so it has been widely used in many projects. Different calcined alumina purities have different applications. 

There are many preparation methods of calcined alumina. Its neutralization preparation method is introduced.

1. After the calcined alumina is refined, the iron element will pass through the medium filtration, complex shielding, 

and finally neutralize the filtrate with PH=3 and PH=5 during the process of neutralizing and precipitating AL(OH)3.nH2O.

2. How to reduce the impurity content in calcined alumina and improve its purity? There are generally several methods, 

such as refining by solution, controlling neutralization speed, neutralizing pH, heating medium filtration and adding complexing agents.

3. If you want to effectively control particle agglomeration and obtain alumina with good dispersibility, it is necessary to use organic reagents to disperse the Al(OH)3nH2O gel. 

The average particle size of most products is about 1 μm.

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