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Production equipment of FCC Catlytic Cracking

Aug. 04, 2022

 Production equipment of FCC Catlytic Cracking

a. Regenerator

The main function of the regenerator is to burn off the coke on the coked catalyst to restore the activity of the catalyst, and also to provide the heat required for cracking. The regenerator consists of a shell, a cyclone separator, an air distributor, an auxiliary combustion chamber and a heat collector

b. riser reactor

Straight pipe type: mostly used in high and low parallel reverse regeneration system, which is characterized by direct insertion from the bottom of the settler, simple structure and low pressure drop.

Folding type: mostly used for coaxial type anti-regeneration system.

c. settler

The function of the settler is to separate the reaction oil and catalyst from the riser. The oil and gas are separated from the entrained catalyst by the cyclone separator and then passed through the gas collecting chamber to the fractionation system; the catalyst from the rapid separator settles down in the settler by gravity. , falls into the gas segment.

d. Three machines

Main fan: supply air for regenerator scorch.

Compressor: used to boost the pressure of the rich gas from the fractionation system, and then send it to the absorption stabilization system.

Booster: supply the dense phase riser of the IV type reaction regeneration device to adjust the catalyst circulation.

e. three valve

Single-acting slide valve: In type IV catalytic cracking unit, it is fully opened in normal operation, and closed in emergency to cut off the connection between the two devices to prevent the catalyst from flowing backward; in the riser catalytic cracking device, adjust the catalyst circulation amount of the two devices.

Double-acting slide valve: Installed between the outlet of the regenerator and the venting chimney to adjust the pressure of the regenerator and keep the pressure of the two devices in balance.

Plug valve: Adjust the circulation amount of the catalyst in the coaxial catalytic cracking unit.

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