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Can Adding CeO Improve Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst Performance?

Dec. 02, 2023

The addition of rare earth metal, such as CeO, to iron-based catalysts for ammonia synthesis results in its enrichment on the catalyst surface. After reduction, Ce interacts with Fe to form CeFe metal compounds. This interaction promotes the transfer of electrons from Fe to N, accelerating the active adsorption of nitrogen and significantly enhancing the catalyst's activity. The migration rate of Ce from the interface to the matrix is slower than that of K, allowing Ce to be retained at the interface for a longer period. This extended presence ensures that Ce continues to play its role in promoting activity and also contributes to prolonging the catalyst's service life.


However, despite these advantages, this type of catalyst is not widely used in large-scale fertilizer plants. It is hoped that research and improvements in this area can be carried out in China, contributing to the development of the ammonia synthesis industry in the country.

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