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A new type of high strength drying adsorbent for activated alumina sphere with large pore volume

Jul. 06, 2020

A new type of high strength drying adsorbent for activated alumina sphere with large pore volume
The new alumina material has quite unique adjustment ability and excellent adsorption performance. The research and development of the new activated alumina ball makes up the technical gap in China. Its advantage lies in the selective adjustment of pore size and self-adjusting pore size to realize the selective adsorption of molecules. It can also regulate the price/conduction band position, lattice constant, etc. Nano-gamma alumina spherical crystal is a typical representative of the new large pore volume adjustable, which greatly promotes the productivity improvement.
The appearance of adjustable pore capacity alumina material provides a new idea for controlling the energy band of alumina powder calcined at high temperature. Researchers found that adjusting the content of aluminum atoms in nano-gamma alumina spherical crystal can achieve the pore volume adjustable size of nano-gamma alumina spherical crystal, such as surface activation treatment, specific surface cutting nanoparticles, etc., but these methods still cannot be controlled to obtain the required pore volume.
In order to expand the wide application of nano-alumina materials in micro-nano electronic devices and photoelectric devices, it is extremely urgent to realize the continuous regulation of the new activated alumina ball band. It can be used as a suitable candidate material for infrared photoelectron applications filling the gap between aluminum hydroxide and large pore containing rice activated alumina bulb desiccant.
Adjustable entrance alumina materials is to point to by any similarity to two or more properties of macroporous quasi thin diaspore material to form a new kind of new type aluminum hydroxide powder, can be adjustable through control subsystem component proportion entrance properties of alumina, so by alloying can not only regulate the entrance of the high temperature calcined alumina powder.

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