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Titanium silicon ZSM - 5 zeolite molecular sieve

Titanium silicon molecular sieve is Ti in the aluminum parts to replace silicon molecular sieve aluminum atoms, 

belongs to the series of ZSM - 5 zeolite molecular sieve, with MFI topology structure, 

by the silicon oxygen tetrahedron and titanium oxide tetrahedron primary structural unit, through oxygen bridge connection, 

constitute the five yuan secondary structural unit of the loop, and further form a three-dimensional porous skeleton, 

MFI molecular sieve with two-dimensional channel structure, parallel to the axis of a ring is ten yuan S type, 

the aperture of 0.51 nm x 0.55 nm, parallel to the axis b ten yuan ring is linear, the aperture of 0.54 nm x 0.56 nm.

Product introduction 

The titanium-silicon molecular sieve produced by our company has an average particle size of 50-60nm, 

the minimum size is close to 10nm, the maximum size is less than 105nm, and the particle size distribution is uniform. 

The titanium-silicon molecular sieve can be used as a catalytic oxidation catalyst and is widely used in oxidation reaction, 

epoxidation reaction and amine oximation reaction. 

For example, a catalyst for the production of propylene oxide, a catalyst for the production of cyclohexanone oxime.

Product technical parameters and table


Ammonifying Catalyst




Titanium Silicalite Molecular Sieve





Minimum Size


Maximum Size


Pore Diameter(a axis)

0.51nm*0.55nm(S type)

Pore Diameter(b axis)

0.54nm*0.56nm(Linear type)


Ammonifying Catalyst

Catalytic Oxidation Catalyst

Produce Cyclohexanone Oxime

Produce Propylene Oxide


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