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Catalyst Assistant for Improving Octane

HCSO catalyst assistant for improving octane is a kind of high-efficiency solid co-catalyst which can obviously improve gasoline octane when applied to refinery catalytic cracking unit.

When the addition amount of HCSO octane assistant reaches 5% of the storage capacity of the device system,The octane RON of catalytic gasoline can be increased by 1.5~2.0 percentage points,the olefins in the gasoline family composition increased by 0.5 percentage points, the aromatics content increased by about 2-3 percentage points, and the isoparaffins and naphthenes in the saturated hydrocarbons increased slightly.

Product introduction 

When the addition amount of HCSO catalyst assistant for improving octane reaches 5%, the product distribution can be improved: the yield of liquefied gas is increased by about 2 to 3 percentage points, of which propylene is increased by about 1 percentage point, and the yield of gasoline + diesel is decreased by about 2 percentage points , the yields of dry gas, oil slurry, and coke are basically the same as those before mixing, but the total liquid yield of the device is basically unchanged.

Characteristics as follows,

1. The more the amount of HCSO catalyst assistant for improving octane,the higher the gasoline octane.

2. HCSO catalyst assistant for improving octane has strong adaptability to different feedstock oils, and its incorporation can further improve gasoline octane.

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Catalyst Assistant for Improving Octane

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