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Preparation of hydrogenation catalyst

Mar. 08, 2023

The preparation methods of hydrofining catalyst are precipitation method, mixing method and impregnation method.

At present, hydrofining catalyst is generally produced by impregnation method. Impregnation method is to soak the carrier in the solution of active components (called impregnation), after impregnation, through drying, calcinating to prepare the catalyst, according to the amount of impregnation solution can be divided into susaturated impregnation and saturated impregnation.There are three main processes in preparation of hydrofining catalyst by impregnation: impregnation, drying and calcination. 

Impregnation method can make the active component highly dispersed on the surface of the carrier, with high utilization rate and good activity. When the carrier is impregnated in the active component, the solution is sucked into the carrier pore by the surface under the action of capillary,  permeates and diffuses, then the active component is adsorbed by the carrier, or deposited, ion exchange, or even reacts, so as to be loaded on the carrier.

The composition, concentration, pH value, impregnation time and temperature of the impregnation solution, and the surface properties of the carrier have a great influence on the impregnation process, thereby affecting the performance of the catalyst. The purpose of catalyst drying is to remove the solvent in the catalyst, decompose the components during the calcination process to form a certain chemical composition, the active metal is decomposed into metal oxides and dispersed on the surface of the carrier to form a certain active phase structure.

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