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High-Purity Micro-Nano Powder Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide

Product introduction 

As a kind of inorganic substance, High-Purity Micro-Nano Powder Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide for lithium battery separator coating has high thermal stability and chemical inertness, and it is a good choice for battery separator ceramic coating. With insulation, heat insulation and high temperature resistance. With the continuous increase of the capacity of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the energy stored inside is getting larger and larger, and the internal temperature will increase. It may happen that the temperature is too high and the negative electrode membrane is melted, causing a short circuit. If a nano-alumina coating is applied to the separator, short circuits between the electrodes can be avoided.

Because High-Purity Micro-Nano Powder Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide has the characteristics of insulation, heat insulation, and high temperature resistance, it can be used as a coating for lithium batteries. A nano-alumina coating can be applied to the lithium battery separator to avoid short circuits between electrodes, improving the safety of lithium batteries.

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High-Purity Micro-Nano Powder Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide

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